Photo 11 Aug Lockets at a bridge in Berlin. Love locked in!

Lockets at a bridge in Berlin. Love locked in!

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Wonderful trip to Berlin!

Text 6 Aug Mom in Edinburgh

Text 6 May 1 note My issue with flight security

I love to travel. I used to love to fly. I still sometimes love to fly, but today’s security measures can be rather daunting. As I write this I am sitting in the Amsterdam airport on my way from Edinburgh Scotland to Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

Before boarding in Edinburgh I went through security. I brought an empty water bottle with me to fill once inside. Sadly, the Edinburgh airport (like many places in Europe) was entirely devoid of water/drinking fountains. Unwilling to spend 3 dollars on a small bottle of water, and unconvinced the bathroom sink water was actually worth drinking, I went without.

The flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam was quite short, under two hours, so I figured I would find something to drink in Amsterdam, buying a bottle of water if I had to. Much to my delight, as soon as I got off the plane, there was a water fountian. I filled my bottle, drank a bit, and happily proceeded to my gate.

For some reason, unknown to me, to board the second flight of my three-flight journey, I was required to again go through security. The woman asked me “Should I through away your water bottle?” “I just filled it.” I told her, “can we simply dump it out?” She said yes, took it and brought it back promtly, once again emptied of water. I get that a liquid bomb could be a threat, but is there really no other way to make certain my water bottle is safe then to empty it dry before each flight? Wouldn’t a simple sniff test be possible? Or perhaps the fact that I was drinking it rapidly before handing it to her to have the rest drained might have signified that “This is in fact a water bottle full of water not explosive liquid”???

I happen to be someone who suffers quite a bit from motion sickness. Unlike most people’s experiences with car-sickness, flight-sickness, or sea-sickness, I rarely if ever throw up. Instead I experience excrutiating headaches and extreme nausia. This means that my pain and discomfort are in no way an inconvenience to others, which might prompt them to be a bit more concerned for me if it was, but that doesn’t make it any less awful an experience for me. By far the most effective preventative measure I have found is to stay hydrated. Very well hydrated. The day before and the day of a journey, whether by car or plane, I try to drink as much water as possible, and I always try to have some on hand in case a headache starts coming on at any time. That is why, during a day of multiple multi-hour-long flights, a water bottle is probably the most single important item I bring, after my passport and boarding passes of course.

My issue with flight security is that the combination of exorbitant water bottle prices in airports, lack of water fountains across Europe, and strict guidelines for security screenings (sometimes multiple times along the same journey) all make it nearly impossible to stay hydrated and, for me, keep from feeling ill. Is there really no way to get around this? Must a few events so effect us every single time we fly, costing us hours of time (arrive 2 hours early for an international flight to allow for security time) stress and discomfort (take off shoes, coat, rings and belts. Remove camera, phone, laptop and other electronics from bag. Basically undo all the work you did frantically this morning to get ready for this trip and then pack all over again) and the possibility to actually enjoy our flights without the constant worry of realizing that once again, there is no water fountain.

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Home-made lime cake! It was delicious and I totally recommend it!

I got the recipe here:

The ingredients are: 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, room temperature
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar, divided
2 large eggs, room temperature
1/4 cup milk
1 1/3 cups self-rising flour
2 to 3 large limes
1/4 cup sugar

First you preheat the oven, 350F

Next you stir the milk, 1.5 cups of powdered sugar and eggs into a bowl, beating the eggs in last one at a time. Then add the flour bit by bit stirring as you go.

In a separate bowl zest the limes and add the sugar and squeeze as much juice as you can out of the limes into the bowl.

I then put some of this lime juice in with the batter before putting the batter in the oven.

When the cake is golden take it out, poke holes, and drizzle more lime juice over it. Make sure to keep a bit though.

Put the rest of the powdered sugar in with remaining lime juice and whisk until its like frosting, or at least a glaze. Once the cake is totally cool spread this over it. I also decorated with another sliced lime :)

You should try it!

Text 9 Apr High School Failed Me

By not having a class on how to do taxes.

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(via The joy of freedom)
via zen-out.
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A little winter in London

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Doctor Who?

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Pua yangu ni mgonjwa lakini furaha yangu imerudi. Nitaandika insha yangu na kufanya kazi yangu na kupumzika, wote kwa furaha.

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